Top 10 Facts

  1. The 488-acre Fort McPherson military base is scheduled to be closed on September 15, 2011.
  2. The master plan has been completed and submitted to HUD for approval.
  3. The redevelopment will be based on the zoning plan, pending Atlanta City Council approval.
  4. Buildings that have been identified by the State Historic Preservation Office will be protected.
  5. The Veterans Administration will own and operate the existing Lawrence Joel Clinic along with four adjacent buildings.
  6. The entire site is currently located within incorporated City of Atlanta and is also in the Campbellton Road Tax Allocation District.
  7. Both the McPherson and the Associated Credit Unions will remain open to the public.
  8. As the site is redeveloped and businesses open, jobs will be created.
  9. The redevelopment of the McPherson site will be market driven and may take as many as 20 years for the approved master plan vision to become a reality
  10. Interim leasing opportunities for qualified business operators will be available after September 2011. Individuals that are interested should contact MILRA as soon as possible to learn more about leasing the existing buildings, including the day care facility, bowling alley, post exchange and administrative offices. Please contact Darlene Hawksley at 404-588-5462 for more information.